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AMBIANCE HOME STAGING will assist you in maximizing your house's potential by revealing and showcasing its best features. Staging is an investment which is designed to deliver results. It is a proven exercise that helps sell homes faster and for more money, reducing the time, effort, stress and expenditure to maintain your house in a presentable state during the selling process.


To sell any product, it needs to appeal to buyers (either through need, functionality or emotion).  Buying a house is an emotional purchase and, in the majority of cases, buyers need to have a "love at first sight" feeling. The end objective when staging, is to deliver a product that will enhance most buyers experience from "I want to see this listing" to, within minutes of setting foot in the house, "WOW, I see myself living in this house and I want this house to become my home".

Ambiance Home Staging's professionally trained  stagers  know how to present properties to deliver the positive emotional feelings that buyers want to experience when seeing a property.


We have the resources, the contacts, and the knowledge to either do the work for you or to provide you with the tools to make your house stand-out in this competitive market by appealing to as many buyers as possible.


AMBIANCE HOME STAGING operates out of Oakville servicing the GTA including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and the Hamilton area. We offer our services in both French and English for customer convenience.



Did You Know?

When deciding to view a house, 78% of objective elements are generally pre-determined before viewing: They are location and size – both are outside of a seller’s control.


Once potential buyers have selected properties that meet the location, size and price range criteria, 72% of elements that deliver a positive first impression are within the control of the seller.

-- From a 1999 Procter 
and Gamble survey.


Well trained CSP ™ consultants know how to show properties to their best advantage.