Catherine LeBlanc CSP International MASTERS of Real Estate Staging™, Certified Colour Consultant, B.A.


Catherine is a caring, dedicated, hard working individual who is eager to help homeowners, builders and Real Estate Sales Professionals get homes ready… to be put on the market or to live-in (see details – Services).


Her creative passion and flair has given her the talent to create the ambiance, the look and the feel to deliver that very important first impression, by highlighting the key focal points in homes. She thrives on helping others and her compassion is a welcome trait for homeowners that are dealing with the stresses felt when selling and moving.


Catherine’s over 20 years of consumer package goods work experience in Sales, Sales Planning and Trade Marketing have given her a wealth of project management, organizational and planning experience.

Ambiance Home Staging, a premier staging company in the GTA, was founded in 2007. Since then, Catherine LeBlanc and her team have worked on hundreds of houses, gathering the knowledge and expertise to help homeowners through the whole process; updating the home before staging, showcasing, selling, moving and, finally, settling into a new home. At Ambiance Home Staging we work with a wide range of professionals to ensure that the projects run smoothly and quickly– painters, electricians, handymen … whatever we need, we can find.


Catherine was awarded the CSP International MASTERS of Real Estate™, the Certified Colour Consultant designations and she is also a member of RESA (Real Estate Staging Professional Association) which enables her to share and gather valuable market and trend information with other staging company owners.

Did You Know?

The majority of buyers pre-view potential properties to visit by looking at listing photos on-line. Staging your property ensures that it is ready to be photo-graphed for proper presentation.


Staging your property will highlight key features of your home in order to appeal to the majority of buyers.


You want your house to be on the ``must see`` of buyers and Real Estate Sales Professionals. The first few weeks of a new listing are critical… You get one chance to make a good first impression!